Add Tip / Gratuity
iPay POS can automatically add a specified Gratuity (either a percentage or dollar amount) to the charge amount before transmitting.

How To Incorporate a Gratuity - Customer Selected

1On the menu screen, select Customer Select Tip.

2 Hand your device over to your customer, and instruct them to complete the purchase by selecting one of the amount buttons. They may enter their own amount if it is not listed. What ever the transaction outcome is (successful or unsuccessful), for security reasons it will not navigate away from that screen.

3The transaction is complete. You get your device back and navigate back to the first screen, or go into the log and see the transaction details.

How To Incorporate a Gratuity - Merchant Selected

1On the menu screen, select Set Tip/Sales Tax.

2 Enter the amounts required. These amounts will automatically be added to the next transaction you submit.