Process Credit/Refunds
This transaction type is used to refund a customer for a transaction that was originally processed and successfully settled through the payment gateway. A refund can be any amount up to the full amount of the originally processed transaction

How To Process a Refund

1Select the transaction you would like to refund from the Transaction Log. The transaction type should be "sale" or "capture".

2Verify transaction log details and then press "Refund" at the bottom of the screen

3 Enter the original credit card number and the amount you would like to refund.

4Press "OK" and wait for a successfuly response.

A credit can only be applied under the following conditions:
  • The original transaction was successfully settled
  • The amount being requested for refund is less than or equal to the original settled amount
  • The sum amount of multiple Credit transactions submitted against the original transaction is less than or equal to the original settled amount
  • The credit card number used for the original, successfully settled transaction is provided. An expiration date is not required
  • The transaction is submitted within 120 days of the settlement date of the original transaction