Capture Held Funds
This is used to capture funds that have been previously authorized and placed on hold. If you have no intention of capturing the funds held by a previous authorize only transaction, you should perform a Void on the transaction. Otherwise, the funds will be on hold for 30 days before being released by the system, possibly causing the credit card holder unnecessary inconvenience.

How To Capture Previously Authorized Funds

1Select the transaction you would like to capture from the Transaction Log. The transaction type should be authorization only.

2Verify transaction info details and then press "Completion" at the bottom of the screen

3Specify the amount you would like to capture, and also include a tip if necessary.

4Press the YES button and wait for confirmation of a successful capture of funds. If successful, a new transaction will be recorded.

A capture can only be applied under the following conditions:
  • The original transaction was successfully settled as an authorization only transaction
  • The original transaction is not yet captured, expired or errored
  • The amount being requested is less than or equal to the original authorized amount. Please note that only a single Capture transaction may be submitted against an original authorization only transaction