Void Transactions/Holds
This is used to cancel an original transaction that is not yet settled and prevents it from being sent for settlement. It also releases the hold on authorize only transactions. If you are unsure of whether a transaction is settled, you can attempt to submit a Void first. If the Void transaction errors, the original transaction is likely settled and you can submit a Credit for the transaction.

How To Void A Transaction

1Select the transaction you would like to void from the Transaction Log

2Verify transaction details and then press "Void" at the bottom of the screen

3View the displayed Transaction Info for the results of the attempt. If void is not successful, go back to the log and select the original transaction you just tried to void, and this time proceed to process the transaction as a credit.

A void can only be applied under the following conditions:
  • The original transaction was successfully settled as "auth", "capture" or "sale"
  • The original transaction is not already settled, expired or errored