Authorize and Capture Charges
The main function of iPay POS is to submit transactions of type "SALE", which is authorize, verify and capture funds. With this, a merchant can instantly know if funds are available on a customers charge card and request those funds be marked for transfer to the merchant. Once funds are requested to be captured, the funds put on hold are marked to be transferred out at the next settlement cycle at the gateway. This can be within a few minutes, or can take a number of hours. While funds are waiting to be settled, the merchant can void the transaction to stop the funds from being transferred out of the card holder account. After the funds are settled, the funds are removed from the card holders account. At this point, the transaction can no longer be Voided. To return funds to the card holders account, a credit must be initiated.

How To Authorize and Capture Funds (SALE)

1Enter a valid credit card number

2Enter the expiration date in the form of MM/YY two digits for month, followed by two digits for year. For example, April, 2009 would be 04/09.

3Enter an amount to authorize and capture.

4Although not required for a successful transaction (unless the default settings for this account was modified at the merchant account area), it is good practice to enter the Zip, CVC, and Address. You can quickly add the address by pressing the "AVS" button.

5You may enter a valid email address if an email receipt is requested by going to the Menu Screen and selecting "Receipt Email".

6Press "PROCESS TRANSACTION" and when the Alert pops up, confirm by pressing "Submit as SALE".