Capture Additional Data
iPay POS allows each transaction to be submitted with complete order data. Complete transaction information is stored on the gateway merchant area for the active account. The iPhone stores a copy of each successful transaction with limited information. The additional information transmitted with each transaction is securly stored at the gateway.

Entering Additional Sale Info

On the menu screen, you have buttons for the following additional info item:

  • Receipt Email
  • Order Information
  • Customer Information
  • Shipping Information
  • Set Tip / Sales Tax
The Order Info, Customer Info, and Shipping Info screens allows optional information to be stored with each transaction. The Customer Email Address For Charge Receipt allows an email address to be specified that will be notified with the charge receipt upon successful completion of a transaction. For full AVS verfication, you will need to provide both the street address and the zip code. The zip code can be entered on the program home screen, or it can be entered along with the street address on the Customer Info screen. The Gratuity allows you to navigate to a screen which will allow your customer to add a tip amount to the charge before submission.