ProcessAway NMI offers impressive, revolutionary, yet functional credit card charging capabilities for the merchant. It combines the convenience and mobility of the iPhone/iTouch with the power to do business, make sales, and authorize/capture charges anywhere there is a network connection.

  • Authorize and Capture Charges Immediately verify the credit card is valid, has sufficient funds, and then mark for payment at the next available settlement cycle performed on the gateway.
  • Authorize and Reserve Funds With this option, you can verify funds are available and place a hold on the funds until the contract is complete. This could apply to contractors, handymen, rental agencies, or any merchant that wants to assure funds are available before work is started. The funds are held for 30 days or until the time the merchant captures or voids the transaction, whatever comes first.
  • Email Receipts
    With every successful transaction, an email of the transaction can be automatically sent to the customer.
  • Capture Additional Data
    Additional data can be captured with every transaction, giving the option for a more detailed receipt to be emailed to the customer, and also providing additional essential data for later import into Quickbooks, if desired.
  • Successful Transactions Log
    ProcessAway NMI features a detailed transaction log of all successful transactions. Not only is this a valuable reference log of past activity, but also serves as the gateway for processing Voids, Credits, and Captures.
  • Void Transactions/Holds
    Voids can be performed for transactions that have been requested submitted for payment if the gateway hasn't settled the amount yet. Voids can also be performed on transaction that required a hold of funds to release the funds back to the customer.
  • Capture Held Funds
    After funds have been put on hold, ProcessAway NMI make it very simple to request those funds be transferred from hold to your account for settlement.
  • Process Credit/Refunds
    For transactions that have been settled and cannot be voided, you have the options of processing credit/refunds right from the transaction log. You are not required to credit/refund the full amount of the initial transaction. All that is needed to process a credit/refund is the last four digits of the original credit card.
  • Easily Accept Tips/Gratuities
    Allow your customers to select from a gratuity screen the amount of tip they would like to include, if any.
  • GPS Tagging
    Your transactions can be location tagged and displayed on a map, without exiting ProcessAway NMI
  • PIN Security
    Password protect access to ProcessAway NMI by setting a unique PIN.
  • Help Files
    Extensive help reference included within ProcessAway NMI